The Octonauts

What a great brand to have worked with! I was first responsible for lead development of the original large Flash experience – three minigames within a hub, plus overarching meta game (unlock all of the creature facts, and see the creatures in your ocean view):

Later on this offering grew to add another three standalone Flash games, and then another series of HTML5/Javascript games (all of which I served as Technical Director over). We were then asked to update, incorporating all of our work within it.

I was chief architect and lead developer for this website, which can be viewed online (with all the other content developed under my technical lead at Plug-in Media) at

Big and Small

Another product truly EPIC in scope, and groundbreaking for the time. Using Papervision3D to present a real-time software-rendered 3D experience in Flash, this was 2008/2009 – a good few years before Stage3D hit the scene.

I was one of two core developers on this project, working with a Technical Director who co-developed the Papervision3D library.

This project justly won a BAFTA!

Client: CBeebies (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash (Papervision 3D), AS3

Stareoke Stagefright

A very strange game concept, executed in a fun way. Chuck blobs of gunge at kids, making sure that only the ones wearing the right colour make it to the goals.

Client: Turner Broadcasting (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS3

Blue Peter: Turkish Bizarre

A vertical platformer with really fun ‘feel’, developed for the BBC. I developed the core engine for this game based on a prototype from the (then) technical director, built a level editing tool, did level design, and carried the full development role of the game to its completion.

Client: CBBC (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS3

Space Invaders

I developed this on an internship with Plug-in Media over ten years ago. The game has as close to original game ‘feel’ as possible, and sits within a showcase of Plug-in’s original and highly innovative capabilities with Flash. Times have certainly moved on!

Play the game in the lab, at

The Right Mix

This enduring project was my first Flash game, developed under internship at Plug-in Media back in 2005!

The aim is to mix the perfect cocktail, although it’s pretty fun making the barman barf/get flattened/expire horribly in various ways by making something really, really bad.

Countless clones have since been ripped and source-edited, and you can play the game in some form or other even on the app stores today; those clever pirates.

Client: Land Securities (via Liquid Light and Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS2