Operation Ouch: The Snot Apocalypse

An enduring runner for CBBC; loved by kids for its level of challenge and gross humour.

I served as lead developer, technical lead and also core engine developer (for the ‘runner’ section of the game). A great deal of thinking went in to making the game optimised for high performance on low spec mobile device browsers.

The game is also due out with a level expansion (again I served as tech lead) on the web, and also in hybrid-app format on iOS and Android.

Elmo’s Art Maker (HTML5)

I served as both technical lead and lead developer on this important project (Sesame host it as their core creative activity for users, offering regular competitions via it also). It’s a very flexible art tool developed using Typescript and Phaser, and offers numerous tools with fun ‘feel’.

I also developed the responsive and extensible front-end menu system and ‘host’ framework (which launches a play session), using pure javascript, CSS and HTML5.

Play the game here: http://www.sesamestreet.org/art-maker

The Octonauts

What a great brand to have worked with! I was first responsible for lead development of the original large Flash experience – three minigames within a hub, plus overarching meta game (unlock all of the creature facts, and see the creatures in your ocean view):

Later on this offering grew to add another three standalone Flash games, and then another series of HTML5/Javascript games (all of which I served as Technical Director over). We were then asked to update theoctonauts.com, incorporating all of our work within it.

I was chief architect and lead developer for this website, which can be viewed online (with all the other content developed under my technical lead at Plug-in Media) at http://theoctonauts.com