Operation Ouch: The Snot Apocalypse

An enduring runner for CBBC; loved by kids for its level of challenge and gross humour.

I served as lead developer, technical lead and also core engine developer (for the ‘runner’ section of the game). A great deal of thinking went in to making the game optimised for high performance on low spec mobile device browsers.

The game is also due out with a level expansion (again I served as tech lead) on the web, and also in hybrid-app format on iOS and Android.

Tee and Mo Play Time App

Built using Adobe Air for iOS and Android, this is a repackaging of a series of games originally built using Flash for the Web. They didn’t translate easily however, and I had to dig deep and do some serious optimisation to bring the games up to high standard on the mobile platform.

I served as lead developer and technical lead on this production.

View on the iOS app store

Elmo’s Art Maker (HTML5)

I served as both technical lead and lead developer on this important project (Sesame host it as their core creative activity for users, offering regular competitions via it also). It’s a very flexible art tool developed using Typescript and Phaser, and offers numerous tools with fun ‘feel’.

I also developed the responsive and extensible front-end menu system and ‘host’ framework (which launches a play session), using pure javascript, CSS and HTML5.

Play the game here: http://www.sesamestreet.org/art-maker

The Octonauts

What a great brand to have worked with! I was first responsible for lead development of the original large Flash experience – three minigames within a hub, plus overarching meta game (unlock all of the creature facts, and see the creatures in your ocean view):

Later on this offering grew to add another three standalone Flash games, and then another series of HTML5/Javascript games (all of which I served as Technical Director over). We were then asked to update theoctonauts.com, incorporating all of our work within it.

I was chief architect and lead developer for this website, which can be viewed online (with all the other content developed under my technical lead at Plug-in Media) at http://theoctonauts.com

Young Leonardo

Based on a children’s TV series, this game offers four vehicle types within a race/chase engine, set in medieval Florence. This was a technically groundbreaking product – it’s built partly via Unity (publishing to Flash using Stage3D hardware accelerated rendering) back when this was a viable route to create highly polished 3D content for the Flash Player.

Sadly Unity didn’t offer this publishing option for long, and it’s long since fallen into obscurity.

I was lead architect and lead developer on this project, and designed and developed a bespoke system which ‘wrapped’ any Unity-built Flash game within a controlling ‘host’ app. This enabled us to separate the ‘Unity’ way of doing things (which was very experimental), from the safe (and accessible) ‘normal’ Flash way of doing things. This enabled us in no small measure to translate a highly experimental technology into a resounding production success.

Tree Fu Tom

This was a HUGE project – six minigames (of which I fully developed three), plus a massive hub and overarching metagame system (of which I was chief architect and lead developer).

The game also included some cool ‘magical’ visual FX overlaying the user during webcam-driven sections; I was also responsible for the visual design, development and optimisation of these, as well as the camera motion detection systems driving the effect.

Client: CBeebies (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS3

Zingzillas: The Great Coconut Adventure

This is the second immensely huge, BAFTA award winning product I’ve worked on – but this one matters more to me, as I was Lead Developer, and chief architect of the entire technical side of the project!

Highlights include the preloader – which is also fully functioning synth keyboard.

There are six games available to play on the island, with an overarching game narrative leading to a grand finale (and motion capture based webcam experience); All are based around making music.

You can still play Zingzillas on the CBeebies site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/games/zingzillas-game

Client: CBeebies (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash (Papervision3D), AS3

Tate AirBrush

One weekend I wanted to relive my MSc a little, and so I sat down and coded a computer vision system inspired by the way a fly’s eye works (using basic motion receptor elements which identify the direction of motion within an otherwise static field). I showed my bosses, and this client project soon grew out of it. Users direct a cursor using localised motion (wiggling fingers) and can paint expressively using various tools, which are all inspired by the styles typical of historical famous artists.

Here I am demonstrating the game:

Client: Tate Modern (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS3

Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

Three minigames hosted within a hub, which was a full experience in it’s own right – lots of ‘interstitial’ things to discover and play with, such as exploding fruit, science experiments, fact dispenser and videos.

I developed the 3D explorative ‘hub’ portion of this game, and was designated ‘Lead Developer’ managing another two Developers on their minigame and VFX portions of the app.

Client: CBBC (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash (AS3)