Tate AirBrush

One weekend I wanted to relive my MSc a little, and so I sat down and coded a computer vision system inspired by the way a fly’s eye works (using basic motion receptor elements which identify the direction of motion within an otherwise static field). I showed my bosses, and this client project soon grew out of it. Users direct a cursor using localised motion (wiggling fingers) and can paint expressively using various tools, which are all inspired by the styles typical of historical famous artists.

Here I am demonstrating the game:

Client: Tate Modern (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS3

Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

Three minigames hosted within a hub, which was a full experience in it’s own right – lots of ‘interstitial’ things to discover and play with, such as exploding fruit, science experiments, fact dispenser and videos.

I developed the 3D explorative ‘hub’ portion of this game, and was designated ‘Lead Developer’ managing another two Developers on their minigame and VFX portions of the app.

Client: CBBC (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash (AS3)

Big and Small

Another product truly EPIC in scope, and groundbreaking for the time. Using Papervision3D to present a real-time software-rendered 3D experience in Flash, this was 2008/2009 – a good few years before Stage3D hit the scene.

I was one of two core developers on this project, working with a Technical Director who co-developed the Papervision3D library.

This project justly won a BAFTA!

Client: CBeebies (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash (Papervision 3D), AS3

Stareoke Stagefright

A very strange game concept, executed in a fun way. Chuck blobs of gunge at kids, making sure that only the ones wearing the right colour make it to the goals.

Client: Turner Broadcasting (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS3

Blue Peter: Turkish Bizarre

A vertical platformer with really fun ‘feel’, developed for the BBC. I developed the core engine for this game based on a prototype from the (then) technical director, built a level editing tool, did level design, and carried the full development role of the game to its completion.

Client: CBBC (via Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS3

Space Invaders

I developed this on an internship with Plug-in Media over ten years ago. The game has as close to original game ‘feel’ as possible, and sits within a showcase of Plug-in’s original and highly innovative capabilities with Flash. Times have certainly moved on!

Play the game in the lab, at http://old.pluginmedia.net

The Right Mix

This enduring project was my first Flash game, developed under internship at Plug-in Media back in 2005!

The aim is to mix the perfect cocktail, although it’s pretty fun making the barman barf/get flattened/expire horribly in various ways by making something really, really bad.

Countless clones have since been ripped and source-edited, and you can play the game in some form or other even on the app stores today; those clever pirates.

Client: Land Securities (via Liquid Light and Plug-in Media)
Technology: Flash, AS2