My name is Alan Owen AKA inductible, and I’ve worked ‘hands-on’ for over ten years in professional web game development, using a raft of technologies. In this time I’ve never shied away from learning new tools (always selectively identifying the ‘right one’ for any new job), and would claim professional competency across the ‘full-stack’ of associated disciplines. I’m also a creative ‘ideas man’, proven team leader, capable communicator, technical writer and technical problem-solver.

I’ve organised this portfolio site by both ‘role’ and ‘technology’ – see the categories section for a filtering of each… Or just keep scrolling to see everything.

My skill-set to date covers the following:

Both ‘pure’ modular and TypeScript-based Javascript game development (and associated build tooling) for ES5 [require.js] and ES6 [via Babel and Webpack] – I have a named BAFTA nomination working in this field

WebGL and canvas rendering libraries: Pixi.js, CreateJS, Phaser and own-built frameworks and tooling

Responsive, mobile-first front end web development using HTML5, CSS3, SASS and LESS,

Development for iOS and Android using Phonegap and Cordova (‘hybrid app’ development)

Haxe development, using Ant build tooling and Flambe game engine

Game development for iOS, Android and Amazon stores using pure Objective-C (iOS), Unity3D and Cocos2D (cross platform deployment)

Game development for iOS, Android and Amazon stores using AS3 and Adobe Air

Python scripting for utilities (such as automated VO scratch-track authoring)

Google Docs scripting for utilities (such as design and automation of ‘level’ data for games or subtitles and localised script)

Full stack WordPress development, and pure PHP for basic back end services and maintenance

Python/Django for bespoke back end service development

Node.js, Grunt, Gulp, NPM, NVM, express, socket.io for local tooling and bespoke back end service development

IoT – I’ve studied a lot ‘outside of work’ in this field, and have developed a number of (Raspberry Pi based) remotely controlled vehicles from scratch (see https://inductible.wordpress.com/)

Linux system administration (solid competency with the command line) and associated network hardware maintenance and DevOps (Gitlab, Jenkins setup and infrastructure maintenance). I’ve maintained the core online presence for a small digital media business for over six years

Flash, AS3 (I have a history developing BAFTA award winning, bleeding-edge projects using Papervision 3D)

General website security auditing; I am actively aware of core issues in cybersecurity, and am capable of penetration testing both infrastructure and services using Kali Linux

Audacity for basic sound editing, concatenation, etc

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, also GIMP, Flash and Texturepacker for image editing, sprite management and optimisation

I’ve regularly worked face-to-face with large and international clients such as the BBC, Tate Modern, Nickelodeon, Turner Broadcasting and Sesame Workshop.